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I began training with Tony late in 2007 at Bally’s in San Antonio. I was a chef at a restaurant right next door. Living the life of a chef it was difficult to stay healthy, eating late and drinking too much. Tony helped to get me going in the right direction. He was able to work around my crazy schedule and really kick my butt into shape. His training was very intensive and I began to see instant results. As a result of working with Tony, I have been able to reach many new fitness and health & weight loss goals. Since Tony and I started together I have lost over 100 pounds, and as of last December I have completed my first Half Marathon!

Boyer Derise

I had several trainers at Bally’s in San Antonio that did not help me achieve the results I wanted until I met Tony Dobson. With Tony I lost the weight I needed to, and toned my body. He really taught me how to workout properly and gave me the encouragement to workout on my own. I very much appreciate the time and effort Tony put into getting me in shape. 

Leslie Sauceda

I trained with Tony at the Bally’s in San Antonio. Tony gave me a complimentary training and the rest was history. After the first training, I was hooked. I have never worked as hard and been so motivated in the gym. Each lesson was amazing and different from core training to utilizing weights to training for a half marathon. Under his training, I lost over 40 lbs and never felt better. I would encourage anyone to work with Tony, he is missed in San Antonio.

Nicole Zvek

Tony took me from 22% body fat to a lean mean 14%. You want results go see this guy!

Moe Sayyed

I hired Tony as my personal trainer and was more than pleased with the results I saw throughout our training. He kept my workouts interesting by adding in new exercises every session. With Tony as my trainer I wanted to workout and enjoyed every session we had. He is an expert in his field and taught me a lot about exercise and the proper technique. He made working out fun and I definitely saw the results! Tony is a great teacher and professional. I would recommend Tony to anyone and guarantee they would be satisfied with the results.

Jill Koenig

Tony is a detail oriented manager that is leader led. He holds himself and his team to the highest standards and achieves the task at hand. Tony is hard working, reliable and an amazing asset to any team. I would love the opportunity to work with him again. As a personal trainer he is motivating, dedicated to his clients and passionate about their results. Anyone who works with Tony is fortunate to have the “best of the best ! ” . Their results will be amazing and I have witnessed it personally.

Renee Labanna

Tony is a terrific Trainer. His ability to change up the work-out each day makes it interesting and informative. He has a great sense of what it takes for each person to stay motivated. I would recommend Tony for clients that need the extra incentive to get to the gym. He teaches accountability and provides the support to make that possible.

Katherine Brown